Want to submit your views and opinions to Absolute? Here’s how to submit articles for consideration, details we look at and tips on getting published on our site. 

Absolute welcomes outside contributions from industry professionals and individuals who have a deep knowledge and interest on their topic of choice. The following covers our guidelines for getting published on our site.

What We Look For

Articles that are submitted must be within the 12 categories listed on our site and should be of interest to our readers. We like articles that: introduce new ideas; covers topics that arouse and provoke conversations; and pieces of work that discusses the latest trends and events. 

We look for lively and polished writing that has a balance of research and news, that informs and provides readers with a new level of understanding about the topic you focused on. Before you make a submission, have a look at other articles featured, to get a sense of the topics we’ve covered in the past.

While we do encourage illustrating your opinions from your experiences to support your idea, it is worth noting that over-the-top self promotion of yourself or your company will more than likely result in your article not being published.

Here are the five qualities we look for when evaluating what to publish:

1. Expertise: You don’t necessarily have to be an expert to be a contributor, however you must have a deep understanding about the subject you’re writing about.

2. Proof: It’s not enough to know your subject deeply, you have to prove it to the reader. Referring to supporting research is a good way to do this; describing relevant examples is another. If you have interesting data, let us know!

3. Originality and Uniqueness: As mentioned before, we welcome new ideas! If you’re writing about a well-worn topic, we’ll be looking for a unique insight or argument. We’ll also look into how well the article builds on what has already been published and how it will inform and engage our readers.

4. Usefulness: We not only want our readers “to read” or “be informed” but be able to apply ideas in the real world. If you can explain your thinking in a way that readers can use in their real situation, that will be more powerful and influential for the readers.

5. Persuasive and a pleasure to read: Our readers are smart and busy, and hey if you don’t capture their interest quickly, they will move on to something else.

Article Submission

There’s no limit to the length of your article, however, please ensure that the article is not less than 500 words and does not exceed 5000 words. Please limit external links to two links and ensure to add a minimum of two internal links that exist within the site.

Send your article via email, only unpublished articles will be accepted and all work submitted to use must be strictly intended for one of Absolute’s categories. 

Article Accepted! Now, What To Expect?

All article submissions are reviewed once a week and the process is selective. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to respond to each submission. If you haven’t received a response after your submission, that means your piece was not selected for publication. We are unable to provide feedback about why a submission was not selected for publication. 

For articles we do choose to publish:

  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Content may be edited for style or substance.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Images will be added at the discretion of Absolute’s staff.