PPC Process

Like any advertising platform, there is a process for it to be successful. This is true of Google AdWords, as well; there are steps to ensure that using this internet advertising format is beneficial for all types of businesses. Simplified, Google AdWords matches keywords entered into a search bar with corresponding websites and also runs strategically placed advertisements to entice potential customers to click on the ads. Google AdWords, like many types of internet advertising, is considered innovative because it reaches so many potential customers, unlike other traditional types of advertising.

While AdWords may seem like a simple concept, there are processes and steps that must be used to make it a lucrative venture for the company advertising. As with any process, it is important to do your research before diving in and investing in a Google AdWords account. You will want to make sure that your business is a good fit for internet advertising, and that your goods or services are easy to find. You must consider your target audience—are they searching for a business like yours online? What keywords or phrases would they use to find your business? Do a test run by entering a series of keywords associated with your business to see what the search returns. This experiment can give you an indication of whether or not your business has a multitude of competition or if your product or service is unique and if AdWords would be a good investment for your advertising dollars.

Once you commit to a Google AdWords advertising platform, you will need to set up an account. Google makes the process simple by offering an AdWords tutorial on their Google AdWords website. You can personalize your account to include important keywords that will help potential clients find your website when they are conducting their search. On your start up page, you can also set your daily budget which can be changed at any time. You can start small and make necessary changes based on how well your AdWords advertising works for your business.

AdWords lets you select your target clientele, from a global presence to a narrower audience, maybe within a few miles of your brick and mortar store. You can also narrow down the age, financial status, and other factors to ensure your keywords suit your ideal customers—the ones who want or need your products or services.

Google can recommend some keywords that correspond to your industry or you can type in some words that you believe your customers will use when looking for your type of business. You can change these words at any time, which makes this an excellent advertising platform. You can track the keywords that work for your business and eliminate those that are not getting the clicks to your website. Once you determine those keywords that are successful, you can then decide whether or not to increase your advertising budget. It is important to make sure you explore many keyword options associated with your business—use your imagination! Using words that may be overused may not garner the kind of traffic you would like, so thinking outside the box may be beneficial to your website. Finding that sweet spot may take time; start with at least 20 to 25 keywords or phrases to make sure you reach the right consumers. Remember to think like a consumer and use keywords or phrases that will lead buyers directly to your website!

It all starts with your Google AdWords ad—it must grab the attention of the potential customer and draw them in. A successful ad will contain a short headline; a URL link that mentions the keywords; inviting text that describes your website’s features in just two or three lines; and a quality call to action, like “order now”. These elements, when paired correctly, can make an effective ad, one that is well worth the money spent on advertising!

Getting people to click on your ad and take you to your website is only half the battle; you must also entice them to stay on your website and ultimately, purchase your wares or services to be truly successful. To do this, you must have excellent content, information that pertains to the customer’s search and essentially, solves their problem or gives them what they are looking for; this is why your landing page is so important. The landing page is the first page of your website, the one that describes your business, its features and draws the reader in with quality content. If you have ever opened a website and seen garish colors that make the text difficult to read or a page that basically says nothing, you probably clicked right out of the website and did not venture further. This is why a landing page is so imperative; it sets the tone for your website and leads the reader to explore further. If you are trying to sell a product or service, your landing page should be your product page, not just a “home” page with generic information. The potential customer is there to see what you have to offer; start your website with that information!

Test your website to ensure it reads the way you need it to read and to edit for mistakes. You will also want to set your conversion tracking via Google Analytics to see which keywords and phrases are working the best for you. This will help you gauge moving forward and possibly increase your advertising budget for certain keywords. These analytics can tell you everything from who clicked on the ad, the time of day they clicked on it, and how long they visited your page. This information can be wildly helpful in determining a marketing strategy.

Using Google AdWords takes some time and some understanding of the steps to make it successful, but by following the processes one at a time, businesses both big and small can benefit. Where else can you put your business in front of millions of people each day?

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Founded in 2011 in Tulsa by CEO Summit Ghimire, Absolute Summit is now a national phenomenon, employing almost 20 people and offering services to over 50 businesses across America. While Absolute Summit has been a leader in its industry for almost a decade, it’s not just the services they provide; it’s the people that make up the foundation of Absolute Summit.