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There are a lot of cities across America that are known for being an exciting, vibrant city, one that offers something for everyone. In a glut of top notch restaurants, financial service providers, real estate moguls and power industries, how can you get your business to stand out in your market? As the old song “New York, New York” goes, “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”, having a thriving business is considered the epitome of success in America.

How do businesses attract and sustain their customer base? Social media marketing has been playing a major part since the inception of the internet and its utter transformation of the marketing world. Any business wishing to be successful needs to assess its online presence and enlist the services of an online marketing company who understands the complexities of your market landscape.

There are many different marketing tools a company can use to help enhance your business’s online presence. The first of these is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. A skilled marketing company will be able to get your company noticed online by enlisting some general SEO guidelines. When someone is searching for a San Antonio business, they generally type in a keyword or phrase in the speech bar space. That search takes them to a variety of websites that feature what they are looking for and these websites are ranked by the search engines Bing, Google and Yahoo, for example. The more popular a site, the more likely it will be ranked on the first page, the place every business wants to be! An excellent marketing team will work with you to establish a quality landing page for your business, thus enhancing your ability to be ranked higher. Constantly changing, consistently engaging content will also help your website garner credibility with the search engines. Effectively preparing and maintaining your website is one way to create a higher ranking on the SEO scale which could turn into additional sales for your business! If you are unsure how to best load your website with quality content, a specialized SEO company can help you write riveting copy and get your website on the first page of any search. Make sure you interview and research the company before you commit to a long-term contract; they should be able to prove to you that their methods will move your business up the rankings.

Advertising can be challenging—there can be thousands of companies that offer the same product or service as your company, so making an impression on customers is an important key to success. In addition to maintaining your website, you will also want to manage your social media sites to ensure you are reaching as many people as possible. This includes a Facebook page, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other websites where your clients or customers could potentially search for your business. This may be the task of someone at your company—a social media manager—or it can be delegated to an advertising or marketing company, in addition to their other tasks. You may also want to consider advertising on these sites—Facebook ads are the ones you see on the sidebar of your feed each day. These ads are specifically tailored to reach a certain demographic, based on profile information and location. If you are looking to target Los Angeles women who shop for make-up between the ages of 35-60, you can modify your ad to target those distinct shoppers. You can also arrange the terms with Facebook in regards to how you pay for your ad and your ad format. You can also base your ad on your goals, whether you are interested in raising awareness about your business, looking to grow engagement or boosting sales conversion rates. Once again, you can work this into a marketing plan with an SEO marketing company as part of their services or you can work with the sales team at Facebook directly.

Additionally, sales programs offered by each of the search engines can give your company the exposure it needs, along with a way to track the effectiveness of the ad. Investing in a program like Google AdWords or a similar program with Bing or Yahoo can truly help put you ahead of the pack advertising wise. In a congested market, when someone types in the keywords ‘Italian restaurant’ you don’t want your establishment to show up on the 5th or 6th page, aka no man’s land. Diners are unlikely to go past the first few pages before they start clicking on links or phone numbers to Italian restaurants, so getting your name and website noticed is of paramount importance. Like Facebook or social media ads, search engine ads use keywords and phrases and are also purchased by companies for exposure. When you buy an ad on a search engine, your company’s name will show up on page one with the word “ad” in front of it. Based on the package you purchase, you can pay for the number of times your ad appears in searches or you can pay per clicks. Remember though, other companies that offer your same product may want that coveted first spot, so you may have to bid for your ad to come out on top. The content you provide on your landing page will also help your ad’s placement, so make sure it is relevant.

Lots of cities across America are becoming a tough place to try to maintain a business, due to the multitude of competition. The secret to success is getting your product, service or business known, and there’s no better place to do that than the internet. If you cannot afford assistance with this endeavor by hiring a professional internet marketing company, you can start small and do the work yourself. Know your customer and search them out accordingly. Fill your website with captivating information and use keywords and phrases to attract an audience. By working on your internet marketing, whether on a small scale or a full blown advertising assault, you can be assured to attract some new customers!

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