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What draws you to a website online? Better yet, what keeps you there? The answer is effective, intriguing web design. The kind that sparks your attention and then leaves you wanting to know more about the website you are viewing. And although you might meet many people who claim to have built amazing websites, the process is a bit more complex than putting together some text and pictures.

In Los Angeles, it is important to stand out from your competition. Hiring a qualified, professional Web Design team will benefit your company over the test of time. Gone are the days of putting an ad in the Yellow Pages with the hopes of being recognized; nowadays, the majority of advertising is conducted on the internet, since it is widely accessible to millions of people. Making a good first impression is not just important; it could be a make or break moment for your business. We’ve all heard the adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and while it may seem unfair to make an initial judgment based on appearances, we do it every day. The same holds true with your website; if the colors are off-putting and the pictures are out of focus, no one will stick around long enough to view the content. And even if the website itself is aesthetically pleasing, if the site doesn’t offer the viewer what they are looking for, or the content is old and trite, you won’t keep the viewer on your site for very long. While the idea of hiring a web design company might seem unnecessary, or like a task you can take on yourself, consider the fact that advertising has reached an advanced stage, and the companies with the best websites stand out from the rest.

You want your website to reflect your business—it says everything about who you are as a company. Websites with spelling errors and poor grammar reflect upon your company and everything you do, so what take the chance? A professional web design team or individual can put together an interesting, intriguing, and easy-to-navigate website with credible content. Additionally, they can include “tricks” like keywords, SEO, and other online marketing tools to get your website noticed. Better still, when you hire a web designer who knows your business and the Los Angeles area, he or she can truly help steer business your way.

Another benefit to hiring a website designer is that if your website does not perform well, it is a reflection on their business, too, and for their business to be successful, your business must be successful. This is why putting together a few pages of content and some photographs to make a website is no longer a viable option; websites must function as effective, efficient marketing plans. The sign of a successful website is seen by an increase in user time, and even more so, conversions to purchases. The end result of selling an item or a service on the internet is to compel a purchase and to do that, you need your website to leap out at the customer! Skilled professionals can help you put together just that—a website that draws people in and helps convert sales.

In Los Angeles, there are many local companies who offer website design, and part of their appeal is their ability to track information. You will have information regarding the visitors to your site, which keywords they used to seek your website and other key metrics. This information will help your business determine where to invest your all-important digital marketing budget and even how much to spend. A whopping number of consumers shop from their cell phone or mobile device, so having a website that can translate to the small screen will be important to your success, too. Having a website designer who anticipates the variety of devices and can plan accordingly will help you in the long run.

How do you know what to do with your website if you are just starting, or even if you already have a website that is underperforming? You sit down with a web designer and discuss your goals and exactly what you want in a website, by thinking like a consumer but also understanding the best practices the web designer may throw your way. Ask the designer if they offer other services, including blog posts, content management, logo design, and shopping cart installation. Make sure the website itself encompasses what you need, but that the web designer is able to offer additional services to guarantee your site’s success.

Once you decide to invest in a web designer, make sure they have your company’s best interests at heart. Confidentiality is key. A web designer may be privy to trade secrets, business statistics, or secure login information and it is imperative that you are able to work with and trust your web design company. You will need to forge a lasting relationship with this company, so choose wisely. Recognize, too, that Google, Bing, and the other search engines change their methodologies for ranking websites, so just when you feel you have mastered the internet domain, they change the rules again. You need to select a web site designer who understands these changes and can manage your website accordingly. It boils down to the basics: the better the advertising and website, the more traffic that website will receive, which translates to more quality leads and more revenue for your business.

As you may already know, a quality website is a necessary marketing tool in today’s business. Enlist the assistance of a professional team to design your website but make sure you research your options to make sure the company is a good fit for your goals. Make sure the company you do choose is willing to work with you and understand your end game results, is able to offer solutions to potential problems and create a site that is visually stunning and content rich.

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